Guidelines for eating out and the festive season

October to December could easily become the over-indulging months of the year, as we often have one work function or party after the other. Following that, it’s the festive season and then New Year. But with a few tips and guidelines, this doesn’t have to affect your waist or healthy lifestyle.

  • Keep moderation in mind, so that you can enjoy every event, without over-eating.
  • Control your portions sizes – that includes drinks, starters, mains and desserts.
  • Try to dish up only once and eat (and drink) slowly, so that you really enjoy the meal. This will leave you more satisfied, rather than just full.
  • Look for the healthier options on a menu. Rather order a salad or roasted veggies than a heavy side dish.
  • Avoid deep-fried foods and rather opt for roasted, grilled or pan-fried dishes.
  • Fill at least half your plate with veggies and salads, instead of another helping of starchy foods like bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and pap.
  • Variety is the spice of life. Try to eat chicken and fish, rather than just red meat or even opt for a vegetarian meal sometimes – it’s the perfect light lunch.
  • Consider the meals for the rest of your day if you know that you’re going out for supper or having a party.
  • Use a plate at a cocktail event, so that you can see how much you actually eat, and not think you’re only nibbling on a bit of this and that.
  • Have lots of self-control at a buffet and take a smaller plate. Dish up a balanced variety of what you’ll enjoy instead of having a pile of food on your plate that you just eat mindlessly.
  • Limit heavy and creamy sauces and toppings. Ask for olive oil to drizzle over veggies or add a sprinkle of nuts and seeds for extra crunch and flavour instead.
  • If you do order sauce, have it on the side, so that you can decide how much to eat.
  • Enjoy some fruit as part of your dessert and have a small portion of custard or ice cream if you really have to.
  • Don’t drink your kilojoules – remember that both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be very high in kilojoules. Have a glass of water for every glass of alcohol you drink.

Enjoy the festive months and eat responsibly.


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