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It’s THAT time of year! Each week passes faster than the last and we all scramble to get everything done before the year is over. One result of these last few hectic weeks, is that healthy eating habits and balanced meals are easily neglected – just because we often become too busy to cook a good meal every day. If you can still manage to enjoy healthy meals, your energy levels may just help you survive the mad rush. This is enough reason to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle till the end of the year.

How do you to this? By planning a bit in advance, doubling up when you cook and shopping accordingly. Cooked mince can be used in so many creative ways, that you will always be grateful for a batch or two in the freezer. A basic tomato sauce, made from onions, fresh herbs and tinned tomatoes is equally versatile.

Turn cooked mince into a summer lasagne, layered with the prepared tomato sauce and spinach leaves instead of pasta, to make it lighter. A cottage pie with a butternut or sweet potato topping is delicious. Use mince as a quick topping on pitas, sprinkle with a bit of mozzarella and bake in the oven for a quick meal.

Meat balls and cooked chicken portions freeze very well and are perfect for supper with a healthy starch and salad on a hot day. If you just remember to take something out of the freezer in the morning, making supper is a breeze.

Busy schedules often leave us running around so much that we forget to have a healthy lunch too. Pack a few meat balls with fruit and veggies like baby tomatoes, carrot or cucumber sticks and apple with some nuts for a perfect on-the-go lunch. A filling summer meal can easily be whipped up with tinned tuna or beans and salad ingredients. Add a few boiled baby potatoes in the skin to bulk it up if you prefer.

The same applies for sweet treats and dessert ideas. A variety of delicious summer fruit and berries with dollops of plain yoghurt, seasoned with a little honey and a dash of cinnamon or a handful of nuts can be more enjoyable than a shop-bought treat.

Rather spend money on good quality ingredients to prepare your own convenience food, than being tempted to buy another expensive take-away meal. This is better for your health and more budget-friendly. Visit www.cookingfromtheheart.co.za for many delicious and easy recipes to prepare home-cooked meals with.


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