One-pot meals

‘For the whole family’

Suppertime is family time and a great opportunity to encourage everyone in the family to enjoy healthy meals. With busy schedules, cooking supper is often neglected and yet such an important daily meal. Takeaways and pre-prepared foods may be convenient, but homemade is always best.

When meals are cooked at home, using fresh ingredients and a good choice of cooking methods, it is so much easier to control the amount of fat, sugar, salt and carbs that we eat. Fast food can very quickly become ‘fats’ food, as these are often high in fat and carbs and flavoured with lots of salt and/or sugar. Supper is often the biggest meal of the day, but we should all try to make this a healthy meal and also not eat too much just before going to bed.

This selection of delicious recipes are all one-pot meals, making it easier to cook weekly family meals. A one-pot meal does not need many other dishes served with it, maybe just a salad or some fruit, so it saves you time and effort. These following recipes all have enough or some carbs included, which make them healthier already, as we are not tempted to eat too many additional carbs with it – something that is important for all of us, but especially those family members with diabetes. Choose a recipe and look at the suggested side dishes to make it easy to serve a balanced and healthy meal to your family. Rather enjoy a satisfying portion of a dish, than filling up unnecessarily with carbs. Each recipe also indicates the amount of healthy portions and carbohydrates it serves.