What is your point of satisfaction when eating?

Most of us enjoy eating and don’t just eat to ‘still’ a hunger. There are many reasons why we enjoy our food. It may be deliciously tasty; we could have a fond childhood memory of a certain dish or find comfort in a specific combination of flavours. Whatever it is, food that pleases the soul, is more often than not, food that really satisfied you in every sense of the word – physically and emotionally.

The experts call it your ‘point of satisfaction’. Once that is reached, you get that feeling of: ‘Wow, that was a fantastic meal!’ or ‘Now I really enjoyed the food’.

So the question is, what is your point of satisfaction? Is it a particular flavour of food or a specific texture? Is it a favourite ingredient or just a good combination of aromas? We often crave a salty, sweet or rich flavour as our point of satisfaction, but the exciting thing is, that you can achieve that satisfied feeling with healthy ingredients too. When the right combination of ingredients, flavours and textures are put together, you can trick your taste buds into  reaching that point of satisfaction without consuming excessive calories..

One of the principles of healthy eating, is to make sure that you cook healthy food that will fill you up, satisfy all your senses and be enjoyable. Healthy food should never be bland or boring, so making the right choices are crucial. We have to enjoy our meals otherwise half the pleasure of eating is lost.

Start with fresh ingredients with lots of flavour, add a cooking method that will enhance the aromas and season with natural options like herbs, spices, lemon, ginger and garlic. Creaminess can come from blending veggies in a soup, plain yoghurt or a dash of olive oil, without having to smother anything in sauce, dressings or heavy toppings. Don’t overcook food, especially meat and veggies and keep your plate colourful, as we all eat with our eyes first.

Bear these tips in mind the next time you cook to prepare nutritious and satisfying meals.



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